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At McPherson Marketing Group, we’re the Research Triangle’s (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) leader in innovative marketing strategies that provide cutting edge, results-driven marketing solutions. Our team is attention to detail driven and interested in addressing and fixing any problems you currently have in your current marketing plan so you see immediate results!”

Succeed with Our Unique Four Step Marketing Process

Teaming up with us, you’ll find our Four Step Marketing approach to be direct, effective and straightforward. Not only do we believe in spending LESS MONEY on your marketing campaigns, but we also believe that 100% measurable marketing is accountable and manageable marketing done right.

Unique Selling Points

Say exactly what your customer wants to hear! Unique selling points should compel individuals to buy from you over your competition, regardless of price.

Platforms & Offers

Grow Your Database and Generate Leads! Provide something of value for contact information.

Marketing Arsenal

Use Measurable & Leverageable Marketing Concepts! If it doesn’t convert, utilize a form of marketing that will.

Marketing Automation

Simplify and Automate Your Follow-Up! Automate your follow-up via e-mail, direct mail, voicemail and SMS marketing to place individuals into your marketing funnel.

Simply Put, We Get Results

We believe in 100% measurable marketing. Therefore, we know what works!


Digital Marketing


Measurable Marketing


Our Strategies


Your Vision


Download our updated and revised Four Step Marketing Blueprint for marketing and growth efficiency. Our FREE Marketing Book is a marketing guide that walks you through the four-step process of marketing health for your business. Request your FREE BOOK TODAY!

What our Clients Say


Fantastic company. They listened to my needs and concerns and produced a fantastic logo for my re-branding. Will continue to use them for all my future marketing needs.

Tre’ Caraway


Case Study

Fit4Life ran a Calls & Visits campaign with messaging revolving around a new “Free 30 Day Pass” for their fitness facility.

Cafe Mexicana

Case Study

Read how we turned hungry internet surfers into happy new customers with the power of digital advertising to make their ROI to 4381%.

Four Step Marketing

Take the first step to increase your sales revenues by 300% with our Four Step Marketing Method


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