SEO has become the go to marketing strategy for businesses that are looking to generate leads and increase traffic. Even though newer forms of marketing strategies keep hitting the headlines, SEO remains the king. This is because you are targeting searchers who are specifically looking for your products and services. Here are five reasons why SEO remains important today:


Most users do not scroll past the first page of the search results. This means that most of them end up clicking on one of the top three results that populate. This is why it is vital that your site is ranked for the right keyword in the top three results. This can get you a lot of targeted traffic depending on the number of times the keyword is searched for.


If you are not able to track your results and measure your performance, then how can you even think of improving yourself? Fortunately, SEO offers results that can be measured and quantified. Which means you will know exactly which of your marketing strategies is the most effective. This is paramount for those who are obsessed with data and like to measure their ROI. For example, you can track changes in SERPs, traffic, and conversions which helps you make better and more informed decisions.

Brand Awareness

Exposure is everything when it comes to creating a brand, and having your site rank at the top of the page will get your site plenty of traffic. The greater the exposure, the better it is. Another point that you need to understand is that when your website ranks first for a particular keyword or set of keywords, the searcher who is a potential customer will begin to associate your website with that keyword. This will help you establish authority in the long run, leading to a positive brand image. Company websites that rank first in search results are perceived to be trustworthy and honorable.


So how does the search engines know that your site is worthy of the title? There are many factors and one of them is site usability. When you make your site user friendly, you are sending a signal to the search engine bots that you care for your customers and readers. This will not only make your site navigation friendly for the search engines, but also for the user which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Cost Effectiveness

Not all marketing strategies are created equal in terms of expenditure and some can be cheaper than others. SEO is a striking marketing strategy because not only is it focused directly at the user, but it is also very affordable. SEO is an inbound marketing strategy which makes it ideal for several different types of business models. These business models include, but are not limited to, ecommerce and small local businesses. To put things into perspective, cold calling costs 61 percent more than SEO for the same number of leads. Now that you understand the importance of SEO, it is time to put on your thinking cap and get to work.


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