One Restaurant’s 30-Day, 4381% ROI Success Story

Digital is in!

Digital is in! For some industries, this can be bad news, as traditional media can take a backseat to modern technology. Luckily for the restaurant industry, people will always be hungry, and they will always be looking for new dining experiences to satisfy both their hunger for food and taste for adventure. Yet, with Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat overrun by pictures of delicious meals all around the world, it can be hard for a local restaurant owner to find ways to stand out in the digital crowd.

That’s where digital advertising technology and tactics come in. This is the story of how one restaurant turned hungry internet surfers into happy new customers with the power of digital advertising and the team who skyrocketed their ROI to 4381%.


The hero of our case study is the little Mexican restaurant in the heart of Texas, complete with delicious food and an authentic atmosphere. Café Mexicana*, in their own words, aims to be “a restaurant that feels likea vacation.” Mexican cafe by day, and Latin dance club by night, this local business strives to offer a unique, dynamicdining and entertainment experience.


We know that the best way to prove value to a local business is to show them tangible results, like real life customers. Therefore, the best goal for our digital advertising efforts is to drive people to the physical business location. New hungry and happy customers are the most tangible and valuable result to be achieved from digital advertising for a local restaurant. Café Mexicana’s objective for this campaign was to drive new and existing customers into their establishment for their new $8 lunch deal.

*The name of the restaurant has been changed to protect their privacy and anonymity.


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result


The digital advertising fulfillment process for Café Mexicana involved four main tactics to help drive in-store visits to the establishment:

  1. Google AdWords campaign with programmatic bidding
  2. Review and location extensions
  3. Customized mobile-optimized landing page
  4. Programmatic display ads with geo-fencing and conversion zone and Facebook ad campaigns

The campaign was built around the creative provided by Café Mexicana to promote their new $8 lunch deal.

Google AdWords campaign withprogrammatic bidding
 Using Google AdWords with programmatic bidding ensures that Café Mexicana is exposed to a highly-targeted audience of people who have indicated purchase intent by searching for local keywords related to the business. Programmatic bidding ensures that the budget is spent in the most effective way possible.

Review & Location Extensions

Review extensions allowed Café Mexicana to include third-party reviews in their search ads, promoting the good things that customers had to say directly on the search results page of Google. By adding star ratings to search ads, the Café Mexicana ads stood out from the competition and greatly increased click through.

Location Extensions helped consumers find Café Mexicana when they were searching on any of their mobile devices. When consumers were nearby the physical location of the business, Café Mexicana appeared at the top of the list to make it easy for people to find their way to it with a map, address or distance to the business.

Custom Mobile-Optimized landing page

Armed with the logo and promotional picture provided by Café Mexicana, the digital advertising team designed a custom landingpage to encourage people to view lunch specials, engage more deeply with the business, andthrough increased engagement and interest, drive a visit. The landing page included custom engaging copy, personal testimonials, and a call-to-action to encourage consumers to view the new lunch specials and drive users to come dine. This mobile-optimized landing page would drive store visits and boost conversion rates for the restaurant.

Programmatic Display Ads with GeoFencing and Conversion Zone and Facebook ad campaigns Programmatic bidding ensures that the budget is spent in the most effective way possible. By geo fencing competitive businesses and restaurants in the area, the digital advertising team can target our ads directly to people who are highly likely to be interested in Café Mexicana. Using geo-fenced conversion zones allowed the team to track once we have served an ad to someone and caused them to visit the restaurant. This proves real-world performance.

For geo-fenced display ads, the team fenced three competitor locations for Mexican and Latin cuisine, so consumers that visited these locations would be served ads and deals for Café Mexicana for 30 days after.

All these tactics worked together in harmony to drive real-world results from the digital advertising efforts, with proven results delivered in monthly reports.

The Results Were Amazing

Our digital advertising efforts for Café Mexicana blew past the guaranteed impression amount of 100,000, and the campaign gained over 157,000 impressions in one month. It also achieved so much more.

Here are the hard numbers on what came from just 30 days of digital advertising:

729 357 325
ad clicks engagements on social & website clicks restaurant visits

The best results are the ones that mean something for your business. Not everyone speaks in terms ofimpressions and CTR, but every small business owner understands the value of an in-store visit. Showing you the real-life results we achieved with our marketing efforts translates the value of digital advertising into a language we all understand: new, physical customers.

325 hungry and happy customers

Each restaurant visit was valued at $100, as dictated by the business upon onboarding. While the lunch deal, itself is $8, the value of the visit goes beyond that, as the consumers are likely to bring friends, significant others, and relay their experience to others to drive more visits. Based on this valuation, the following numbers were reached from the campaign efforts:

$582.29 $26,000 4381%
initial investment campaign revenue return on investment

It’s easy to see that with the right tools and tactics, dominating the digital advertising game can have a big return for your business—no matter the vertical.

We know you want to see ROI. Did an online display ad result in a store visit? With our digital advertising, we guarantee impressions and show the conversions and ROI of each campaign, as well as real-world results.

We use cutting-edge technology to target audiences that visit specific locations, such as local business competitors or visitors to the local business. In addition to impressions and clicks, our campaigns track real-world conversions like store visits and phone calls so you can see the results that matter.

Keys to Success

  1. Stay top of mind in the threat of competition Using geo-fenced ads that target your competitors’ establishments will make sure your business is top-of-mind at the direst of times—when your customer is within your competitors’ grasp. By fencing competitor locations to your business, you’re targeting consumers who have proved interested in what your business has to offer, and it’s time to show them why your business is the better choice for that service. Use geo fencing tactics to display ads to your competitors’ customers and keep your businesstop-of-mind for the next time they go looking for that taste of Mexico (or whichever side of the border their taste buds are traveling).

2. Keep it connected The leads that convert are the leads that are taken down a conversion path that makes sense. That’s why we drive your leads to a landing page that’s relevant to your ads and campaign. If a user sees an ad on Google and clicks through, they should be taken to a landing page that echoes the ad and elaborates on the topic that interested them in the first place. Never leave the user confused as to how they got where they are. We know that every step—from original ad to landing page, to website—should be connected and relevant to the step that came before.

  1. Trust the bots Machines make better decisions, more often and they optimize daily. That’s why our digital advertising uses programmatic buying, which is quicker, smarter and more efficient. Your dollar goes farther when trusted with programmatic, resulting in better ROI for your business.
  1. Speaking your language We check our digital advertising jargon at the door! When advertising for small businesses, we know that many local business owners don’t speak the language of digital marketers. Translating the results and tactics into relevant metrics like in-store visits and phone calls helps prove the value of our digital advertising toy our business. We replace your vocabulary of impressions, CTR and reach with more universally-understandable local business terms like in-store visits, direct phone calls, and real-life sales. Let us handle the advertising jargon, and show you the real-world results we can produce with them.

A Little Digital Advertising Goes a Long Way

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